We have a purpose built polishing room with specialist equipment for bringing the shine back to your watch.

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Refurbishing & Restorations

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Case and bracelet valeting and refurbishing is a highly skilled craft requiring specialist training. We use specialist refurbishment and buffering tools and machinery with specific mops to polish the case and bracelet depending on the material being polished. Watch bracelets and cases often have more than one finish. In this case the surfaces not being polished are protected with specialist tape.

Heavy scratches are removed as best as possible, greatly improving the look of your watch. We aim to achieve a factory finish. If you have a vintage watch we will advise you on the appropriate method of cleaning or refurbishing as we are very aware of the integrity of your watch. Each refurbishment will be discussed on an individual basis beforehand.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

To remove unwanted dirt and residue the case and bracelet are placed in the ultrasonic cleaning machine. All watches which come in for a service are automatically cleaned in this way.


Dial Restorations

Almost all watch dials can be restored. A dial restoration involves the following:

  • A photo is taken of the original dial

  • Depending on the style the dial is stripped back to bare metal

  • Any surface finishing necessary to achieve a perfect paint finish is carried out

  • Once the paint has hardened any writing is re-applied

  • Batons are re-riveted to the dial

  • Process varies from dial to dial


Bringing old watches back to life

We handle many old watches which we restore back to their former glory. Below are examples of a dial restoration to a Smiths watch and a replacement bezel on an old Omega which had lost its original bezel during WWll. We were able to make a new bezel from brass which was engraved and zinc plated.


Company Overview

An established clock and watch business run by Simon Michlmayr FBHI. We specialise in watch and clock repairs and our team of qualified watchmakers, clockmakers and technicians have the skills to undertake all types of horological work from the finest quality precision watch to the manufacture and restoration of the largest timepiece. Free of charge estimates given to trade and private customers.

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