We stock all sizes of watch battery.

We can change the battery to all brands of watches whilst you wait.

We offer a 12 month guarantee on all batteries that we fit.

If we find that your watch has stopped for reasons other than requiring a new battery we will ask if you would like us to supply you with an estimate to put the watch back into working order.

Battery Replacement £10.00

Battery & Pressure Test: £45.00

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Battery Replacement & Pressure Testing

We offer a battery replacement service whilst you wait and in most cases a battery and pressure test can be carried out within an hour.

If your watch is water resistant it is crucial that it is pressure tested every time the case is opened, whether it is to replace the battery or carry out an inspection or repair. Water and moisture can cause costly or irreparable damage to your watch.

Our state of the art wet and dry testing equipment will pressurise all makes of watches, including divers watches to check that the case is water resistant to the required depth as specified by the manufacturer.

If we find that your watch has a leak we will provide a quotation to reseal it. On some occassions this may include replacing components such as the crown, pushers, glass and seals.

Company Overview

An established clock and watch business run by Simon Michlmayr FBHI. We specialise in watch and clock repairs and our team of qualified watchmakers, clockmakers and technicians have the skills to undertake all types of horological work from the finest quality precision watch to the manufacture and restoration of the largest timepiece. Free of charge estimates given to trade and private customers.

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